PlatePass® is an automated electronic toll payment service that enables Firefly rental car customers to use high speed, cashless toll lanes to avoid having to stop and pay tolls with cash. With the exception of the I-PASS toll roads, PlatePass is available to Firefly customers without the use of a transponder (electronic device) in the vehicle.

PlatePass Automated Toll Payment Service is currently available on some of the largest toll roads in the United States (View Locations).

Florida and Northern California
PlatePass enables rental car customers to avoid waiting in toll lines to pay cash or coins by using the SunPass Only and E-Pass designated lanes in Florida. In the Greater San Francisco Bay Area PlatePass is available on the following Bay Area Bridges: Antioch, Benicia-Martines, Carquines, Dumbarton, Golden Gate, Richmond-San Rafael, San Francisco-Oakland Bay, and San Mateo-Hayward.

Illinois toll roads (I-PASS)
Participating rental car company customers can also use PlatePass while using the I-PASS toll roads in the Chicago area. Customers at Chicago Firefly rental locations will be issued vehicles already equipped with PlatePass transponders, which will allow them to use the I-PASS electronic toll payment system. The device enables high-speed electronic toll collection wherever I-PASS is accepted on the Illinois toll ways.

Customers who wish to use PlatePass on the I-PASS toll ways, must ensure the transponder shield box is open as indicated on the label. Those who do not wish to use PlatePass MUST ensure the transponder shield box is securely closed AND must either stop to pay cash for tolls or use their own transponder compatible with the toll road.




How much does PlatePass cost?
The PlatePass service is offered for a daily or monthly service charge, plus incurred tolls at the cash or pay-by-mail toll rate, whichever is higher, as published by the toll authority. If you use PlatePass, you will be charged for tolls incurred at the toll authority’s highest, undiscounted toll rate plus a service fee of $4.95 for each day of the rental, approximately 1-3 weeks after the rental period is complete. Service fees are capped at $24.75 per month. The customer’s credit card on file will be charged automatically and separately by PlatePass, not by Firefly.

PlatePass fees will apply if the service is used at any time during the rental period.  If the rental period is multiple months and PlatePass was used in only a portion of that time fees will only be charged for the month(s) the service was used.  For example, if a car is rented for a two-month period, and PlatePass was only used during the first month, the fees will not apply to the second month.

All vehicles with participating rental car agencies are pre-enrolled and no advanced commitment or contract is required to use PlatePass. The toll charges are calculated electronically and charged to the same credit card that was used to rent the vehicle.  The daily or monthly PlatePass fee is only charged when the rental car uses the designated toll lanes.

PlatePass identifies rental vehicles as they travel through the high-speed electronic toll collection lanes. Tolls are processed and later charged to the credit card used to rent the vehicle. Receipts will be available on after the vehicle is returned.



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